About Us

Global Soccer Assistance SL is a company for training and representation of soccer players and coaches. The enterprise is specialized in Spanish soccer, working with clubs all over the country. Moreover, it is coordinated and managed by qualified professionals

With experience of two years training soccer players of all ages and different development stages, in Valencia, Spain. In the same period, Global Soccer Assistance SL worked alongside Levante UD, from first division of Spanish soccer (La Liga). This achievement helped to improve successfully.

Currently, Global Soccer Assistance SL developed training programs, assisted by UEFA coaches, registered clubs in Federación de Fútbol de la Comunidad Valenciana (FFCV), legal advisers, financial advisers and a qualified teamwork to handle all the needs of our attendees.

The training program offered by Global Soccer Assistance SL is aimed at developing the soccer knowledge and skills of their attendees, through strategic alliances with local soccer clubs. Competition in official tournaments from Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF), is a key component for the programs. Our commitments are: finding a club for each player and coach adapted to their qualities, providing attention on their needs (accommodation, mentoring, supervision, nutrition, health) and enabling them to receive a good education.

Furthermore, distinguished players and coaches in the program will be recruited and managed by the company, over their professional career. Others benefits, such as financial, legal and communicational counselling, shall be part of the representation contract.

Some values that identify Global Soccer Assistance SL are education, trust, union, effort, humility and sacrifice. Emitting positive reinforcement messages to the attendees, is helpful to create good people and professionals, inside and outside the field.

“We educate soccer players, we create human beings”

Antonino Augello