Soccer Performance

The Global Soccer Assistance SL training program is based on methodological strategies related to soccer sessions. Different criteria are used to design workouts, looking for didactic teaching in the players development.

In Spain, these training methods have brought good results in competitions, and placed spanish clubs between the best in the world.  Moreover, the national team won the 2010 World Cup, 2008 UEFA Euro, and 2012 UEFA Euro.

Soccer players will improve their skills in our program, whereas coaches acquire knowledge during training sessions.  All the attendees will have the opportunity to compete in national or local tournaments, adapted to their development. The clubs could join them allowed by regulations of fair competition.

"The youth preffers to be estimulated instead of being instructed"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Attendees will have, at least, one training each day on Monday to Friday, plus one day for competition adapted to the tournament schedule. Ocasionally, the players will have the opportunity to train twice in a day, depending on the club’s program.

Frecuent development evaluations are included to measure improvement and knowledge. At the end of the program, every attendee will receive a certification and a detailed evaluation of their skills. Additionally, a document supporting qualities that can be used to apply for scholarships in colleges.

To guarantee the safety of all the attendees, it will be necessary a health insurance and medical information that can be used in case of emergencies or accidents during training.