Soccer House

Global Soccer Assistance SL have an international sport residence where the attendees from different countries and ages will stay during their training program. Our qualified mentors will promote compliant standards while living all together.

Optimum services are going to be offered in the Soccer House. Includes training and recreation areas to do exercise besides to have fun. Videogames are also allowed on break times in the TV room.

While the training program is running, attendees could continue their education.  In the residence they have a given area of study.

They will be supported to join into schools or colleges, adapted to their knowledge and needs.

Transport service is included, from the airport to the residence and vice-versa. Public transportation in Valencia is very efficient, safe and highly qualified. Our mentors will teach the attendees how to move around the city, to go to the training and matches.

Optimum Wireless connection is available in the Soccer House anytime, the attendees will be able to make contact with their family and friends whenever they need. Moreover, this is helpful to avoid additional expenses.

The fitness and nutrition plan is elaborated by sport nutrition specialists. It can be modified depending on medical issues from the attendee (allergies, type of diet and more).

There will be able a dining área where we serve the meals in a predetermined schedule. In the same space, attendees will share with others and enjoy the food served by our mentors.

Finally, Global Soccer Assistance SL will suggest other recreation services, close to the residence such as: shopping centers, municipal swimming pools, hair salón, barbershop, training centers, parks, movie theaters, and many more.

In the Soccer House are available single, double and triple bedrooms. Sharing room with other attendees will promote cultural exchange and a learning experience. Cleaning and order are two key elements into the residence. All the attendees will have space for their personal articles, clothes and shoes.

According to the different schedules, they will have free access to the bedrooms for resting on break times. This will be helpful for the player’s development and squeeze the training program.

The laundry service is available anytime. Each attendee will lookout for their own kits and cleanliness, including regular clothing. The intention is to create good values of living together aside from soccer training. It is a guarantee to make easier their path on their professional career.